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Horse + Bamboo is a registered charity no. 292326.

In 2021, we made the decision to ensure that ‘Pay What You Can’ tickets are available for all Horse + Bamboo events.  You can book these tickets online or on the door – we do this so that everyone is able to attend and enjoy our events.

To keep our theatre and events as accessible and open to as many people as possible, we rely on the schools, funders, businesses, community groups and individuals that support our work. Our community support us not only through financial donations, but by attending our performances, coming to participate in our events & workshops, and telling your friends about us.  Thank you.


We believe:

  • Everyone is creative.
  • Our cultural lives matter.  They are vital to who each of us is.  It is a human right.
  • We will not allow lack of finance to limit participation.
  • We take our civic responsibility seriously.
  • We will show leadership in environmental sustainability within our organisation and in developing partnerships.

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