About Us

Horse + Bamboo is an arts organisation & charity, based in Waterfoot. Since 2006, we have been in a building standing at centre of the Rossendale Valley with a 90-seat venue, café/bar, rehearsal, workshop, meeting rooms and large store of H+B’s extensive visual theatre archive. 

H+B was formed in 1978 to take visual & predominantly non-verbal performances to places neglected by conventional forms of theatre.  The name comes from the use of horses to pull a caravan when touring, a central feature of the company’s work until 1999. 

Horse + Bamboo’s Core Values:

  • Everyone is creative 
  • Our cultural lives matter. They are vital to who each of us is. It is a human right. 
  • We will not allow lack of finance to limit participation
  • We take our civic responsibility seriously
  • We will show leadership in environmental sustainability within our organisation and in developing partnerships

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