Will Tell & the Big Bad Baron

Thursday 26 October

Craft  2pm | Show  3pm


Theatre Fideri Fidera

Thursday 26 October


Craft 2pm | Show 3pm






£8/£6* pwyc*


Theatre Fideri Fidera presents Will Tell & the Big Bad Baron

This original show for families introduces a new legendary figure to British drama: the ‘Swiss Robin Hood’, Wilhelm Tell, who refused to bow to a tyrant and famously had to shoot an apple off his child’s head with a crossbow as a punishment.

Join plucky Will as she rides off on a chivalric quest to rescue her folk hero father Wilhelm Tell from the Big Bad Baron’s deepest darkest dungeon. Inspired by that great righter of wrongs Robin Hood, Will knows all about standing up to tyrants but is clueless when the Baron’s daughter Edel falls madly in love with her and wants to be rescued too.

So can Will with just pots and pans for armour and a donkey for a steed, defeat the Bad Baron and free her dad and Edel?Don’t miss this fun-packed comic adventure which promises capers around castles, Strictly Come Medieval Dancing and a nail-biting joust on life-size horse puppets, all woven together with engaging storytelling and catchy original songs.

“A cracking show delivering the right dose of comedy magic. The adults in the audience were laughing as much as the kids”Laura Crichton, Edinburgh With Kids★★★★★
“They’ve roared out of lockdown doing what they do best, making children laugh while they think”Get Your Coats On★★★★★
“This is a lovely feel-good tale for children”Fairy Powered Productions★★★★★
“A great family show. Highly recommended”Fringe Review

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