Adventure Walks! with Adam Blake

Sunday 14 July

12pm & 2pm

Waterfoot Wakes Festival 24

Sunday 14 July


12pm & 2pm


Donations Only

Run Time

60 minutes


5+ years

Adam, an intrepid explorer, has come from The Adventure Bureau to create a brand-new story. One that is completely improvised, never before heard, 100% made up on the day. And he needs your help…


Working as a team you will accompany Adam on a walk around the local area, all contributing to the creation of a unique story by taking inspiration from everything that surrounds you! See your local community through fresh eyes and who knows what amazing adventures can be conjured up!
Adam has performed internationally with his physical theatre company Opposable Thumb Theatre and has made family shows for many years including being a co-founder of Open Attic Company.
He specialises in improvised storytelling, physical comedy and being a tired but silly father!

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